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We provide systematic consulting services and solutions for New Zealand local companies, ensuring the companies' sufficient labor force, stable staff and healthy development.

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Foreign employees are very common and sometimes essential for New Zealand local companies. Faced with the increasing rigorous reviews from Immigration New Zealand and Labor Department,  the companies need to know how to avoid hidden problems in the process of recruitment and daily employment management. Establishing and maintaining the sound relations with Immigration New Zealand is very important.

However, through the communication with business owners and employers, we found that most of them are confused about the policies but usually “helpless”; some have unintentionally violated the provisions of the Immigration Law and the Employment Law; some have made serious mistakes when communicating with Immigration New Zealand.

Until May 2, 2018, 70 companies had been listed into the New Zealand employers “blacklist”. In addition to fines, companies on the list will also be banned by hiring overseas workers for up to two years.

As an employer, do you have the following confusions?

  • What conditions must the company have to recruit people from overseas?
  • How long does it take to recruit people from overseas?
  • Can foreign employees work for the company when holding a transitional visa?
  • What materials do the company need to prepare for supporting the Work Visas for its foreign employees?
  • How long will the Work Visa valid for overseas employees?

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Tips for Employment Relations

As an employer, you need to have some knowledge of the employment law to help you prevent potential problems in your day-to-day employment management and avoid unnecessary mistakes and misunderstandings in your communications with Immigration New Zealand. 

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“Birdview Entrepreneur Club” is a group composed of Chinese entrepreneurs and senior managers in New Zealand.

We regularly host various business salons and high-end entertainment activities, including sea fishing, hunting, golfing and overseas recruitment lecture, etc.

We hope that our members can make friends through the meetups, thereby creating more mutually business opportunities and values!