Birdview is an integrated immigration service firm based in Auckland, New Zealand. Since its establishment, the company has gradually formed a unique set of service systems and built a good reputation among customers with profession, efficiency and rigorous.

For a foreigner, New Zealand may be like a maze for its different culture, life, policies and social rules. Birdview has “a vision of the bird” as we hope to guide you out of the “maze” through our local experience and make you happy with your work, study and life in New Zealand.
Registered Immigration Consultant

Business leader Kevin Ji, a senior immigration consultant who has served new migrants from 22 countries, specializes in immigration cases and visa solutions, helps you avoid detours and uncertainties.

Solutions for Everyone

Are you planning to travel, study, work or live in New Zealand? No matter who you are. We dedicate to provide you the best way to be in New Zealand. Just work with us to start your new life and experience simply and happily.

Tailored Service for Employers

We provide systematic consulting services and solutions for New Zealand local companies, ensuring the companies' sufficient labor force, stable staff and healthy development.

100% Customer Positive Feedback

We are the experts in New Zealand immigration policies and logic who have successfully established a great reputation among clients with professional, trusted and efficient service.

One-stop and Customized Service

We offer you the tailormade solutions based on your personal circumstances. From immigration path planning, visa processing, to settlement service, we provide help and guidance throughout your New Zealand journey.

Exclusive Settlement Service

We arrange the accommodation, airport pick-up, bank account opening, tax number application and so forth before you entering the country in order to give you a perfect start in New Zealand!

We are good at solving problems
We solve immigration cases and visa processing based on your personal circumstances. Our specialists handle all visa types including residence visa, work visa, student visa and visitor visa, etc. Whether straightforward or complex, we manage the processes with profession, efficiency and rigorous.

If you think it’s easy, you probably don’t know what might go wrong! Work with us from the very beginning to keep it safe and simple. If you are in trouble, we are your trusted and reliable "problem solving" experts who help you avoid detours and get the visa successfully.
Talent Screening | Visa Processing | Settlement Service
We offer professional headhunting and recruitment service for firms in New Zealand to solve their “skill and talent shortages”. Our personnel network covers China, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India and Bangladesh, enabling us screening and introducing those talented overseas individuals to employers with true experiences, language abilities and matched capabilities.

From personnel selection, visa application to the entry and settlement service, our one-stop and tailored solutions provide employers with stable and reliable staffs.
Immigration Specialist for Employers
Foreign employees are very common and sometimes essential for New Zealand firms. However, with the increasing rigorous reviews from Immigration New Zealand and Labor Department, how to avoid hidden problems in the process of recruiting foreign employees and how to manage routinely employment relationship is quite important.

We are committed to serve local firms in New Zealand, providing systematic overseas employment and immigration consulting services and solutions to ensure that New Zealand firms have adequate workforce and relatively stable employees.