The industries we serve

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Carpenters, Bricklayers, Painters, Plasterers, Scaffolders, Glass Installers, Floor Tilers, etc.
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Welders, Spray painters, Mechanics, Sheet Metal Workers, Automotive Electricians, etc.

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Chinese Related

Chinese Chefs, Chinese Massage Therapists, Chinese Teachers, Chinese Medicine, etc.

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We Introduce the Talent Who Speaks English

We can introduce overseas staff who are from Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, India, Bangladesh and other countries. Most of them have basic English communication skills and overseas life experience. They can quickly integrate into New Zealand's local environment. In addition, the introduced employees have more than three years of work experience. Their visas are bound to the enterprise so that they are relatively more stable and reliable than local employees.

Get the Visa within One Month at the Fastest

Our talent pool and recruitment network covers 18 provinces and autonomous regions in China. It consists of 20 agencies who have obtained the business qualification for foreign labor service in China, therefore ensuring that all operations are legal, rigorous, and efficient. At the same time, we are fully responsible for the entire process of talent introduction, effectively reducing the time cost and communication errors. You may get the visa within one month at the fastest!

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No Need to Provide Many Materials

Employers do not have to apply for AIP from Immigration New Zealand. They only need to provide several basic and necessary materials. During the recruitment process, we will carefully check all the materials, at the same time give advice and solutions to our employer customers so as to effectively avoid the questioning from Immigration New Zealand or the risk of being "blacklisted." We are fully aware that it is very important for companies to maintain the good reputation.

Exclusive Settlement Service

We do the early preparations for employees such as accommodation, airport pick-up, bank account opening, tax number application, etc, which ensure that the employees can start to work within one week after entering New Zealand. In addition, once you become our employer customers, you then have our long-term consultation and recruitment service. This will definitely help the companies' stable and sustainable development!

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Birdview Entrepreneur Club

“Birdview Entrepreneur Club”is a group composed of Chinese entrepreneurs and senior managers in New Zealand. We regularly host various business salons and high-end entertainment activities, such as sea fishing, hunting, golfing and overseas recruitment lecture, etc. We hope that our members can make friends through meetups, thereby creating more mutually business opportunities and values!